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Cleaning up the ocean

“This is our 2016 mural detail of the spirits and skeletons cleaning up the ocean underneath the water and the last fish in the ocean that’s full of plastic in his poor little stomach.” By Fran McGee (c) 2017 & Friends: Michael Berardi, Brian “DyckFlip” Whitfield & Robert Viverito

Read Out Loud @Mauka Lani Elementary 3/2/2016 8:45 am

Aloha! Join us for a half our read out loud from Marianne of Waikiki’s new book ” Underwater Acts of Kindness” featuring the characters from the Animal Planet TV show TANKED.  Da Kind Signing Puppets tackle The Great Pacific Garbage Patch as the rid the ocean of plastics.  Learn 10 basic sign language sign .

Sea Life Park Kids Day ” Birds Rock” Sunday March 6, 2016 10 -2 pm

Aloha! Join us Sea Life Park  Kids Day theme ” Birds Rock” Sunday, March 6, 2016  10-2 pm Adults 19.99 Hawaii Residences  include 2 kids admittance Marianne of Waikiki & Da Kind Signing Puppet Show 10:45-11:15 am  featuring song ” BIRD” by Lucie Lynch Guest signer Mr. Scott & Woofy Service Dog